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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

A guide to highlight the resources at NECC on diversity, inclusion, equity, social justice, race, diverse functionality, gender, multiculturalism, LGBTTQI+, and anti-oppression..

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About Puerto Rican Heritage Month | Sobre el Mes de la Herencia Puertorriqueña

Puerto Rican Flag painted in a Spanish-colonial building.Puerto Rican Heritage Month is an annual commemoration. It has been celebrated every November since the late 1980s in New York. Throughout November, the accomplishments, culture, and history of Puerto Ricans is celebrated and honored. According to the University of Massachusetts' Donahue Center (2017), Massachusetts has the fifth highest concentration of Puerto Ricans (4.4 percent) in the United States. Some of the most highly populated cities are Boston, Holyoke, Lawrence, Springfield, and Worcester (UMass, 2017). 

El mes de la herencia puertorriqueña es una conmemoración celebrada anualmente en noviembre. Sus inicios se remotan a los finales de la década de los 1980 en Nueva York. A lo largo del mes, se celebran los logros, la cultura e historia puertorriqueña. Según el Centro Donahue de la Universidad de Massachusetts (2017), Massachusetts se encuentra en la quinta posición de los lugares con mayor concentración de puertorriqueños en los EE. UU. Alguna de las ciudades con mayor densidad de puertorriqueños son: Boston, Holyoke, Lawrence, Springfield y Worcester (UMass, 2017).

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El Antillano | Available at Academic Video Online

Dir. Tito Román Rivera

Description: "A documentary about iconic Puerto Rican revolutionary, Ramon Emeterio Betances, that takes us to a journey to France, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico. He lived in and influenced important revolutionaries in all those countries. Despite his relevance, he is better known abroad than in his own country of Puerto Rico." [Trans. "Un documental sobre el icónico revolucionario puertorriqueño, Ramón Emeterio Betances, que nos lleva a una viaje a Francia, Cuba, República Dominicana, Haití y Puerto Rico. Betances vivió y influyó revolucionarios importantes en todos estos países. A pesar de su importancia, es más conocido en el estranjero de que en su propio país."]

The Last Colony: Puerto Rico's Relationship with the United States | Available at Kanopy.

Dir. Juan Agustín Márquez

Description: "In 1898, the United States invaded and colonized Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish American War. For 114 years the people of Puerto Rico have maintained a polarizing debate on the STATUS ISSUE that has been front and center of the political discourse on the Island. Puerto Ricans (American citizens since 1917) constantly dispute between the options of Statehood, Independence and Commonwealth.

On November 6, 2012 the people of Puerto Rico held the fourth plebiscite in the Island's history to try to redefine the political relationship with the United States.

Weeks before the plebiscite vote, filmmaker Juan Agustin Marquez traveled back to his homeland and interviewed leading politicians, historians, sociologists, and economists to dissect the status debate in a multilayered conversation about the pros and cons of each option on the ballot.

His mission: To explain the status debate to the people of the United States, Congress and the President, and bring the American people up to date on this century old question: Will there be a change in status in America's Last Colony?

Winner of 2016 Suncoast Emmy Award for Best Director"

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