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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

A guide to highlight the resources at NECC on diversity, inclusion, equity, social justice, race, diverse functionality, gender, multiculturalism, LGBTTQI+, and anti-oppression..

About the Center for Equity and Social Justice

As the focal point for NECC's commitment to ending racial disparities in education, the Center for Equity and Social Justice (CESJ) is a dynamic, comprehensive one-stop hub for NECC's educational equity programs, community partnerships, and social justice initiatives. The CESJ serves as a vital resource to supporting our students and communities includes:

  • Working closely with community organizations with missions that serve the needs of our students and support their academic, social, and economic progress and success 
  • Serving as an educational resource for immigrants in our communities 
  • Providing education and training for police, public safety, and correctional officers
  • Expanding access to civic engagement, service learning, and volunteer opportunities for students
  • Providing support and resources to students experiencing housing and food insecurity
  • Expanding access to English language instruction
  • Recognizing accomplishments in community service and social justice
  • Supporting leadership development opportunities focused on equity, inclusion, and social justice 

(Glen & Custodia Lora, 2020)

NECC Press

The Center for Professional Development, Center for Instructional Technology, and Academic Innovations hosts various workshops that address issues of race and antiracism, accessibility, and social justice every semester. Check their website and register for one of the following workshops this semester.

CESJ Repository

English Language Learners Task Force

About the Task Force

The English Language Learners (ELL) Taskforce is formed by the NECC faculty and staff. Each of the members meets every week to discuss and work on projects that address the gaps and needs of the ELL community.

The goal of this task force is to build a community by breaking down silos. Along with this goal, the ELL task force's mission is to retain and increase the enrollment of ELL students at NECC. The projects that the team works on and proposes are rooted in a strong sense of equity and social justice.

Members of the Task Force

  • Arlen Gargagliano, ESL Professional Coach/Consultant, and Chair of the ELL Task Force
  • Amy Cameron, Chair of Academic ESL
  • Vanessa Desani, Academic Advisor and Community Referral Counselor
  • Sandy DeVita, Program Coordinator/Transition to College, Accounting & QuickBooks
  • Meredith Gunning, Professor of Philosophy
  • Kathy Hudson, Interim Dean/Division of Health Services
  • Rick Lizotte, IT Staff Member/Faculty Coach  
  • Alejandra Méndez Irizarry, Instruction and Research Librarian
  • Heather Mores, Director of Compliance for Student Affairs
  • Francellis Quiñones, Chief Officer of Justice Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Sandra Zappala, Assistant Director, English Language Success Program 

The following documents and recordings are activities and presentations hosted by the Task Force.

The following documents are slide presentations or recordings of the Task Force meetings with the NECC Board of Trusties. 

The following documents and recordings are professional development resources curated by members of the Task Force.

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