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Academic Technology

Guide to help NECC students access and navigate within Blackboard and Office 365


There are a few different ways to view your grades in Blackboard

  • To view grades for all courses: 
    • select the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner of any page on Blackboard. Select "My Grades"  from the drop-down menu (icon of a paper with a check plus).  


A screenshot of the My Grades page on Blackboard, with an orange box around the "My Grades" icon

Image courtesy of Blackboard Help

  • To view grades for the course you're in:
    • Select the "My Grades" link in the course menu or on the "Tools" page 


An example course menu on Blackboard with an orange box around the "My Grades" and "Tools" links

Image courtesy of Blackboard Help

On the "My Grades" page, you can view all the coursework and grades for they courses you are in.


A screencap of an example "My Grades" page on Blackboard, with a pink square around an assignment

Image courtesy of Blackboard Help


  • You can filter and order your view using the settings in the horizontal menu across the top (beneath the "My Grades" page title).
  • Select an item's title to review your submission for instructor comments, annotations, and feedback in context. 
  • Select the speech bubble icon beside some assignments' grades to view general feedback from your instructor. 
  • Grade status icons may appear in the "Grade" column--see table below for what each icon means. 


Icon  Description
- No information is currently available.
A white checkmark inside a green circle You have completed the work, but no grade is assigned for this item (e.g. participation points)
A white exclamation point inside a light green circle You have submitted the work and the item is ready for grading, but has not yet been graded
Grade After an item has been graded, select the title to review your submission. For tests, after you select the title, the "View Attempts" page opens. Select the grade to review your submission.
A blue circle two-thirds of the way filled Your work is in progress, but you haven't yet submitted it.
A gray shaded circle You are exempt from this item, and don't need to submit work. 
An error has occurred. Contact your instructor
Select to view feedback from your instructor


If a number appears beside the "My Grades" icon in the drop-down menu next to your name, your instructor has added new grades, due dates, or items with due dates since the last time you accessed Blackboard. Click on the "My Grades" icon to view details. 

A screenshot of an example Blackboard drop-down menu with a red number beside the "My Grades" icon

Image courtesy of Blackboard Help

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