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Academic Technology

Guide to help NECC students access and navigate within Blackboard and Office 365

Outlook Navigation

Outlook is your email client. This is where you will primarily send and receive email.


Screenshot of Outlook's main page


If you would like to Send an email message, click on the New Message button near the top left within Outlook.

Make sure you fill out the To field with the email address of the person you want to receive your email, then create a subject and type your message in the white space below.




All of your received emails will go in your Inbox. You may choose to Reply to an email if you would like to respond to the sender.


After opening the email message, just click on the reply button near the top right of the received email. You can also press the reply all button if you would like to respond to everyone who was included in the message.


Screenshot of the reply button


You can send someone a Cc (carbon-copy) of an email by typing their email address in the field to the right of Cc. This way they receive a copy, but are not the main person you are sending your message to.


You can also attach a file before sending your email clicking the paperclip icon below.


Cc and attach documents


If you need to check on your Junk E-Mail or any other folders, they are listed under the Folders tab in the side Navbar on the left of the page at all times.


View of the side navbar where you can find junk e-mail


If you ever need to return to your Office 365 home page, simply click on the icon in the very top left of the page.


Top left corner button to switch apps

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