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ART 104: Art History: Prehistory to Renaissance

A guide to recommended resources for students in ART 104.

The Information Literacy Core Academic Skill at NECC

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Information literacy is a set of skills & dispositions regarding where & how to find information, how to evaluate information for relevance, quality, & bias, & how to use information legally & ethically.

Information Literacy: Students will learn to identify their information needs, then locate, evaluate, and appropriately integrate information to accomplish a specific purpose. Students will demonstrate the ability to use current technology as well as other research resources to successfully find, and then effectively communicate the information.

This course will fulfill your requirement to take a course that is information literacy intensive. That means that in this course you will demonstrate that you have the above skills, and that you can use information ethically, citing your sources and avoiding plagiarism.

This guide is intended to help you find and cite appropriate sources for academic research in Art History.

Getting Started with Research in Art History

This course is an introduction to the history of painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Western world and other world cultures. The periods to be covered range from Prehistoric times to the year 1500 and include the Stone Age, ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the Byzantine and Medieval worlds and early Renaissance.

Most art history books are not dedicated to a single work.  When researching art remember to look for additional information about:

  • artist
  • location such as city or country
  • style i.e. Mannerist or Deco
  • period i.e Renaissance or Roman
  • movement i.e. Dada, Bauhaus, or Secession
  • material or technique

Searching tips:

If you know the name of the artist, use keyword or subject searching in the library catalog for books under these names.  Once you have a book in hand, refer to its index or table of contents to determine whether or not your artwork is mentioned.

If the artist is unknown, try searching under time period, style, location, or movement.

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