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When You Can't Come to the Library

Online resources for when the library is closed, or you are unable to come to the library.

Getting Started

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There may be times when you are unable to come to the library because of illness, work, or inclement weather. You may want to make use of library resources during hours when the library is not open. There may even be times when the library is forced to close due to an epidemic or extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, many of the resources offered by the NECC libraries are available from remote locations twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week year-round. This guide is designed to help you locate the full-text of books and articles for your research even when you can't come to the library.

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Your Library Card and Off-Campus Access

Your library card number is 203850 + your 8-digit student ID Number.

(For instance, if your Student ID number is 00223344, your library card number is: 20385000223344)

Your password is your 8-digit birthday.

(For instance, if your birthday is April 15, 1996, your password is: 04151996)

Your library card allows you to access your NECC Library Account to request and renew books and other items. You will also be prompted to enter your library card number and password when accessing the library's electronic resources (like databases) from off-campus.

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