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When You Can't Come to the Library

Online resources for when the library is closed, or you are unable to come to the library.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

We strongly recommend that you begin your search with the library databases, and not limit yourself to Google.

Google Scholar is a resource worth trying if you become frustrated using the library databases. Unfortunately, many of the scholarly articles you will find using Google Scholar are not available in full-text or are not free. 

If you are blocked or asked for a fee, make sure you check Full-Text Finder to see if we have an online subscription. We strongly recommend that you begin your search with the library databases, and not limit yourself to Google.

Options for Getting Articles Found on the Web

Scenario: You find an article on the web, only to discover that the full-text is not available or you would have to pay for access to the full-text.

Before paying for an article on a publisher's web site, consider these options.

  1. Ask a librarian for help. We can help you save time and money.
  2. Use Full-Text Finder to search for the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper that published the article to find out if NECC databases provide the full-text.
  3. Fill out an interlibrary loan request and we will try to get the article from another library.
  4. Check the holdings of Boston Public Library. Anyone who lives, works, or attends college in Massachusetts can get an electronic library card and access to all the BPL's electronic holdings.

Accessing Library Resources Off-campus

Off-campus access to NECC databases is restricted to NECC students, faculty, and staff.

When you search a database from either the Articles tab on the homepage or directly access one from the databases list, you will be prompted to enter your library barcode and password. You should only be prompted to enter this information once for each session.

Your library barcode is a 14-digit number beginning with 203850 + your student id number, and the password is set to your 8-digit birthday (mmddyyyy). If this information does not work, contact the library. NECC ID numbers expire once you stop taking classes, or after a set period of time if you are not a student. 

library home page search box with the articles tabe outlined for emphasis

Helpful tips for researching off-campus:

  • Go to the Library homepage and click on the Articles tab in the central search box, then enter your search terms in the search field. This will search for articles in Academic Search Complete, a multidisciplinary database that covers many topics.
  • If you are searching for articles with a more specific topic in mind (for instance, Business or Psychology), use our A-Z Research Databases list and choose a Subject from the dropdown menu. This will show you the most relevant databases for various topics.
  • Need help with developing your topic and keywords? Or determining if an article is popular or scholarly, evaluating websites, or choosing a citation style? Use our Research Process & Resources list.
  • Don't forget to cite your sources. Use the NoodleTools Citation Manager

Search Strategies

Searching a library database is different from searching the open web.

To get the best results, think of the most important concepts in your search, then separate them with the word "and" in the search box.

For example, if you are researching a paper about whether or not marijuana should be legalized, the search Marijuana and Legalization will bring more results than a phrase like "Legalizing Marijuana" or "Marijuana should be legalized".

Try experimenting with other terms to find more articles. For example, if you are researching World Hunger, try alternate words such as Famine in your search to get more or different hits. To get even more hits, use the word "or". The search World Hunger or Famine combines the results to give you a list of all the items with either keyword.

Publications: Full-Text Finder

Need to know if we have an online subscription to a particular journal? Search by title using Full-Text Finder, which provides access to all of our electronic journal subscriptions. Full-Text Finder also allows you to browse by discipline.

full-text finder home page

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