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Core Academic Skills Faculty Pack: Information Literacy

A suite of resources for faculty teaching Information Literacy Intensive Courses.

Librarians as Course Coaches

The NECC librarians are available to help incorporate information literacy into your existing course and assignments. Contact us anytime to set up an appointment and we'll be happy to meet with you to review what you are asking your students to do now, and how those course requirements can be re-framed with an information literacy focus. We can also consult via email if that is more convenient.

Librarians have also aided in program development efforts, particularly in determining which course within a program is most appropriate for the Information Literacy Intensive designation.

Librarians as Information Literacy Instructors

The NECC Librarians provide a formal component of information literacy instruction for NECC IL Intensive Courses, and sessions may be scheduled at any time the library is open, including evenings. Classes are taught by a Reference Librarian, but we require that the class instructor must also be present.

We ask for at least one week of advance notice in to schedule instruction to allow adequate preparation time. It is also helpful for the librarian to have a copy of your assignment and/or syllabus as this will help us tailor the session to your students’ needs.

In addition to familiarizing students with the "nuts and bolts" of using library resources, some topics we may cover in relation to your course include:

  • The Architecture of Information - Understanding where different types of information in your discipline "live," where we search for it, how it is produced, and how we understand data about data (catalog and database records, using subject terms for search, etc.)
  • Source Evaluation - Understanding the difference between different types of sources and evaluating them for purpose, use, audience, and relevance. Exploring the ideas of authority and credibility, and why those might change based on the intended use of the information.
  • Advanced Web - Understanding domain names, the open nature of the web, how search engines rank information, the impact of social media, and how to evaluate a web source for reliability, accuracy and bias.
  • Citation - Not just how to cite, but why we cite, and how citation creates connections and context around information.
  • Ethics of Information - Understanding plagiarism, how to responsibly use and share information, copyright, digital rights, and open access.

To schedule your librarian led class in Haverhill library please call 978-556-3401, or email Laura Mondt at To schedule a class in Lawrence call the library at 978-738-7400 or email Jenny Fielding at

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