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ENG 101: English Composition I

A required course to develop critical thinking and clear, effective writing. This course explores the reading and writing processes, and emphasizes source-based writing.

English 101

computer, phone, and notebook
Welcome to the landing page for English 101 - English Composition at Northern Essex Community College. Here you will find a variety of resources (books, ebooks, databases, etc...) to help you with your English 101 class. Under the "Getting Started" tab you will find tips on where to look for these resources, how to cite your sources in MLA format, and how to format your MLA style paper. 

Some of the English Professors here at NECC have requested that the NECC librarians pull together resources on specific topics. These instructor-specific pages are housed here as well. To access these, simply click on the tab that has your professor's name on it. 

If you need help at any time, please, do not hesitate to ask a librarian.


Getting Started: Selecting a Topic

In English 101, you will do a lot of writing, including a research paper. Sometimes your professor will assign your topic, and sometimes you will get to choose your own. If you need to choose your own topic, there are several ways we can help you. Please click the links below to investigate further. 

Once you have found your topic, you will need to look for good sources for your paper. You will want to find books and articles from the library databases on your topic. Click on the tabs for information about these resources.

Suggested books to help you select your topic:

Suggested databases to help you select your topic:

How do I get a Library Card?

Your library card allows you to access your NECC Library Account to request books and other items, renew items, and pay fines and fees. You will also be prompted to enter your library card number and password when accessing the library's electronic resources (like databases) from off-campus.

Returning students that have an older Student ID card can choose to receive a physical library card or have a new library card barcode sticker placed on the back of your Student ID. Returning students can also visit the Welcome Express Desk in the Behrakis One Stop Student Center, 100 Elliot Street in Haverhill or the Welcome Express Desk in the El-Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center on 414 Common Street in Lawrence to receive a new Student ID with the library card number or use the following information:

Your library card number is 203850 + your 8-digit student ID Number.

(For instance, if your Student ID number is 00223344, your library card number is: 20385000223344)

Your password is your 8-digit birthday.

(For instance, if your birthday is April 15, 1996, your password is: 04151996)

If this information does not work, contact the library. NECC ID numbers expire once you stop taking classes, or after a set period of time if you are not a student. To re-activate your library barcode number, contact the library.

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