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How to Format Your Research Paper

Get help formatting your research papers

Getting Started

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This guide was created to help you learn to accurately format your research papers using APA (American Psychological Association) style, MLA (Modern Language Association) style, and CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style). 

Please be sure to consult your assignment specifications or your instructor to determine which formatting style to use.


Graphic of ways to know when to cite materials

Are you working on your References, Works Cited, or Bibliography? Feeling a little bit lost and need some guidance? Check out our Citation Guide!

In the Citation Guide you will find information on how to cite sources using:

  • MLA, commonly used for English, Art, and the Humanities
  • APA, commonly used for Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
  • Chicago, commonly used for History



(Credit to UCSD's Social Sciences and Humanities Library for the image.)

To cite this LibGuide use the following templates:

APA: Northern Essex Community College Library. (Date updated). Title of page. Title of LibGuide. URL

MLA: Northern Essex Community College Library. "Title of Page." Title of LibGuide, Date updated, URL.