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How to Embed Library Resources in Blackboard

A how-to guide on how to embed library resources into Blackboard courses

Embedding and Linking to Library Resources

Embedding or linking to library resources in your Blackboard course is a great way to provide students with additional educational resources. As an instructor, you can incorporate any or all the library resources covered in this LibGuide through the use of Blackboard's build content tools.

A note on permalinks

Permalinks are unique, static web addresses for eBooks, articles, images, and videos found in the library's databases. Permalinks are used to "authenticate" NECC students, faculty, and staff as authorized users of the library's electronic resources. The authentication process itself uses a student's Microsoft 365 credentials. When using Blackboard's web link tool, enter the permalink for the item as the URL

Other resources

In addition to the resources covered in this guide, please consider linking to the following:

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