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Computer Information Sciences

Resources for students studying Computer and Information Sciences at NECC

Off-Campus Database Access

Sign in with your NECC Microsoft account ( or to access library databases off-campus.  See the Office 365 Help page for help with your NECC Microsoft account.

Article Search

Computer Science Database Search

Search Strategies: For Articles in Library Databases

Searching is most successful when a topic is broken down into keywords joined by 'and.'

If your topic is “What are the ethical issues of artificial intelligence for humans?” then the important keywords will be:



artificial intelligence   


Combine keywords to search: ethics and artificial intelligence and humans


Add, subtract or substitute keywords to narrow or widen your search. Think of synonyms for your keywords.

Keywords:                                          Synonyms:

ethics                                                    moral/morality

artificial intelligence                              AI, robots

humans                                                people, humanity

Add, subtract, or substitute keywords to search:

  • ethics and robots
  • morality and artificial intelligence 
  • humans and artificial intelligence and ethics
  • etc.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles using the familiar Google search box, and the techniques you are used to using in a Google search. Google Scholar is a resource worth trying if you find the information you need using the library databases. Unfortunately, some of the scholarly articles you will find using Google Scholar are not available in full-text or are not free.  

Hit a paywall? One disadvantage to Google Scholar is that not everything is freely available. You may be asked to pay money in order to view the article. Before you pay any money:

  1. Ask a librarian for help. 
  2. Fill out an interlibrary loan request and we will try to get the article from another library.
  3. Use Full-Text Finder to search for the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper that published the article to find out if NECC databases provide the full-text.
  4. Check the holdings of Boston Public Library. Anyone who lives, works, or attends college in Massachusetts can get an electronic library card and access to all the BPL's electronic holdings.

Looking for a particular journal title?

Full-text finder

Use Full-Text Finder to find out what access is provided by the library. Simply type in the name of a journal or magazine to check access options.

Open Access Databases

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