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HUS 250: Seminar in Human Services

Finding academic resources in the human services field

Your Library Card and Off-Campus Access

Your library card number is 203850 + your 8-digit student ID Number.

(For instance, if your Student ID number is 00223344, your library card number is: 20385000223344)

Your password is your 8-digit birthday.

(For instance, if your birthday is April 15, 1996, your password is: 04151996)

Your library card allows you to access your NECC Library Account to request and renew books and other items. You will also be prompted to enter your library card number and password when accessing the library's electronic resources (like databases) from off-campus.

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Core Academic Skills: Information Literacy

Information Literacy: Students will learn to identify their information needs, then locate, evaluate, and appropriately integrate information to accomplish a specific purpose. Students will demonstrate the ability to use current technology as well as other research resources to successfully find, and then effectively communicate the information.

This course will fulfill your requirement to take an information literacy intensive course. That means you will demonstrate that you have the above skills, and that you can use information ethically, citing your sources and avoiding plagiarism.

This guide is intended to help you find and cite appropriate sources for academic research in Human Services.

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