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World Religions

This guide is designed to provide students with online and library resources in the comparative study of religions.

Getting Started - The Academic Study of Religion



Mandala on the outside of Labrang Monastery, Phodong, Sikkim, India






SIKKIM. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Accessed Mar 21, 2018.

At Northern Essex Community College the World Religions course is a required course in the Associates Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Philosophy. Information on the program can be found here.

The academic study of religion approaches the study of world religions cross-culturally employing interdisciplinary methods from language and literature studies, art, history, philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, gender and ethnic studies and other methodologies.

As an academic discipline it is distinct from the perspective of a practitioner or believer of a faith tradition, rather it analyzes beliefs and practices as religious phenomena comparatively or as individual systems.  



World Religions - Interdisciplinary and Cross Cultural Studies

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